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Select a PFD

Canoe Safety



 Paddle Down the Kaw
Lesson Plan


Google Map

More map help materials are available in Map Your Connections to the Kaw and Teacher's Resources for Map Your Connections to the Kaw

Sample Rubric


Lesson Plan Part 1: What's Your Water Footprint

 Lesson Plan Part 2: How Much Stormwater Runs Off Your House?

Lesson Plan Part 3: Know Your Watershed

Lesson Plan Part 4: Map Your Connection to the Kaw

Lesson Plan Part 5: Your Personal Action Plan

Map Tutorial

Additional Map Exercises

Assessment Rubric

Kansas State Standards

Lesson Plan Part 1: Sing Like a Frog

Lesson Plan Part 2: Name That Frog!

Lesson Plan Part 3: Virtual Froggie

Lesson Plan Part 4: Froggie In The Wild

Lesson Plan Part 5: Frog Development


Kansas State and National Standards

Stories in the Sand

 Lesson Plan 


Species List

Critter Sightings

Kansas State Standards

The Winged Ones:
How birds are like us and
how they differ from us
in their daily lives

 Lesson Plan


Bird Ecology

Species List

Eagle Video

Mussels on the Kaw

 Lesson Plan


Species List


Kansas State Standard

Air Underwater

 Lesson Plan

What's in the Water?

Kansas State Standards