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Virtual Froggie

Peggy raised two Leopard Frogs all the way from eggs to adults that she released into the wild. In the Tadpole Tales
she told us all about what they ate and where they lived when they were tadpoles, and how that changed when they grew legs, lost their tales, and became adult frogs (this is a process called metamorphosis).

Not all of us are lucky enough to have our own, real, live frogs-- but we can make a virtual habitat for our frogs that contains everything they would need if they were real frogs. Let's start by making a list of what a frog needs at different stages of their lives.

What did Peggy feed the tadpoles?
Do you know what tadpoles eat in the wild? Most tadpoles eat algae and tiny plants. Why do you think Peggy fed them what she did?
Where do tadpoles live?

See if you can find out about other things they need-- like the temperature they prefer, where they go to hide from predators, and other things that make a good tadpole habitat.

What happened when they went through metamorphosis?
How do you think it would feel to grow legs and loose your tail?
Do you think it would be hard to go from being in the water full time to getting out on dry land?

What did Peggy feed the adult frogs?
Did they need a different place to live?
What are all of the things that Peggy made for them in their new homes?
Where do adult frogs go to mate? Have you heard them calling during the spring? Where?

Now we are going to make virtual habitats for Froggie that have everything important for each of these three life stages. Think of what kind of food and shelter you will give them, and make sure they have everything they need to be happy and healthy. Look at the slideshows below to see how you can do this using a program like Microsoft Word or Powerpoint on your computer. Pictures that can be used to make your Virtual Froggie home are on the Virtual Froggie Files page.